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  • 21-23 Inches
  • 23-25 Inches
  • 25-27 Inches
  • 27-29 Inches
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Leather Belt, Unique Leather, Rustic Style, Men's Belt, Unique Leather, Men's Black Leather, Wide Belt, Mens Apparel

At Ishaor, I believe in high-quality products, therefore, each belt is made exclusively by hand, cut and colored through processes I have developed myself, and not finished until each belt feels done. A lot of thought and care go into the work, as it is taken very seriously. Each belt is a creation that begins in my imagination and ends when it is something I would wear myself. Only then can I offer a lifetime guarantee.

This belt was designed to be lasting and durable, as well as stylish. Men's fashion requires a unique, sophisticated sensibility. Style, in my eyes, doesn't have to be bold, or attention-craving. It is the subtle touches of carefully made accessories, that just makes you look "put together". Cut out of full grain cowhide leather, this belt was dyed in two-toned black color. Where the buckle holes are is a darker tan and cut in a tapered shape, for more proportion. It has a distressed vintage look and keeps the compliments coming.

Handmade leather hand sewn, hand cut, hand punched and hand stitched in Tel Aviv completely by hand without the use of machines or electricity. All of our products are made with a low carbon footprint production; Handmade Distressed Leather belt with the decorative bronze stud is cut out of a full grain cow leather. The belt is dyed in a brown color.
* brown leather belt with gold color ring without a buckle.
* Belt design with rivets on the belt.
* Connected with Chicago screws.
* Handcrafted from top quality supple full grain leather.
* I choose each hide separately, after testing them for faults and thickness.
* The leather belts are colored by hand.
* Leather is a substance which keeps its properties unchanged for many many years, but it must be looked after with care: it must be kept away from strong heat sources, sheltered from direct sunlight, and protected from water.

* Arrives wrapped in ishaor box.

* Width: 4 cm/ 1.73'
* Thickness: 3.5-4 cm / 1.37'-1.57
*Ring size: 4.5 cm\1.9`
* Length is made to order - Please select your size and method of measurement from the drop-down menu on your top right. You may measure your size using our guide, located in the last photo, or by your jeans size.
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21-23 Inches, 23-25 Inches, 25-27 Inches, 27-29 Inches, 29-31 Inches, 31-33 Inches, 33-35 Inches, 35-37 Inches, 37-39 Inches, 39-41 Inches, 41-43 Inches



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