About Ishaor

Who Is Ishaor Leather Design?

My name is Ishai Duiker, I live and create in Israel and I am the owner, designer and creator of Ishaor. Ishai was a biblical figure, the father of King David, who lived in the city of Beit Lechem, the same place where the most famous man in the world was born, Jesus Christ. 

I adopted this name, Ishai, after I came to live in Israel but I was born as Gerrit Duiker in Holland. Duiker, my last name, is the Dutch word for Diver and there’s a reason for it as I have a long heritage of Dutch seafarers. This heritage actually led me to my very first encounter with handmade crafts. At the age of 10, my father, who was a captain in the naval fleet, took me with him on a ship he commanded, sailing to the exotic city of Casablanca in Morocco. While walking with my father in the old city, I was intrigued by the craftsmen we passed by and I felt strongly attracted to their work and how they crafted the leather. It was then when I held a knife and a piece of leather for the first time and tried to cut out and curve a creation of my own.

It took me about 30 years with several turnarounds in my professional life, to return to this constitutive moment in Casablanca, to this first love, and commit to the profession of leather craftsmanship.

Today my products are sold at the Nachlat Benyamin Art Fair in Tel Aviv, on ETSY and in selected fashion boutiques in Israel and abroad. Ishaor’s leather products currently include belts, cuff bracelets and hair barrettes but there are more to come in the near future. All products are designed and crafted by myself including most of the leather belts metal buckles.

As any artist, I enjoy receiving feedback on my designs from customers but the most surprising and interesting feedback I get are on my logo which I spontaneously created with the initials of my born name, Gerrit Duiker (GD). It turned out that people who see it interpret the shapes and the letters in different ways and actually some of my products are a result of these interpretations which they share with me.

I strongly believe that wearing my accessories let people express their passion, stand out from the crowd and make a statement about who they are and what they believe in through unique colors, symbols, shapes and designs.

I hope you’ll find yours.