Sizing details

Each belt comes with a sizing chart. Still not sure? Figure out the distance between the most used hole and the very end of the belt including the buckle. The belts have the standard 5 holes and from the center hole to the tip of the belt, it measures 7 inches.
If you want more than6 holes, please let me know. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me.


Payment Method

My preferred method of payment is through PayPal. If you don't have a Paypal account, this article explains how to pay with a credit card via PayPal, without having to open a PayPal account: 

Lifetime Guarantee

I make my belts very carefully from the best materials available. Each belt is colored separately. making each item by hand, crafting the belts until they are perfectly made, ensures they are of the highest quality. With proper care and handling, these belts last forever.

What happens if you give me the wrong size?

Unfortunately, I cannot refund a belt made correctly to an incorrect measurement. Size is everything. Please explain how you got your measurement. Pant size' for instance, is not enough to go on. Therefore, if you are not sure how to measure your size, or if the chart confuses you, don't hesitate to contact me through a convo and I will gladly help you out. Getting a belt that you can't use is very frustrating and I want my costumers to avoid this.
If the wrong size results in a longer belt than needed, you may send the belt back and I will shorten it.

we strongly believe that wearing my accessories lets people express their passion, stand out from the crowd and make a statement about who they are and what they believe through unique colors, symbols, shapes, and designs. I hope you’ll find yours.

Leatherwork is one of the oldest professions of mankind. It is a skill passed on through generations, dating back to ancient times. It has developed throughout the years maintaining those features of "craftsmanship" which even today with increasing automation are an essential part of the personal sensibility and solid experience of those who carry it on. The handmade leather is very different in its feel and quality. Something about this craft maintains a close kinship with the old world, and yet modern, stylish accessories, unique, fashion-forward belts are the result of this ancient craft.

At Ishaor, I believe in high-quality products, therefore, each belt is made exclusively by hand, cut and colored through processes I have developed myself, and not finished until each belt feels done. A lot of thought and care go into the work, as it is taken very seriously. Each belt is a creation that begins in my imagination and ends when it is something I would wear myself. Only then can I offer a lifetime guarantee. 

The belts were designed to be lasting and durable, as well as stylish. Men's fashion requires a unique, sophisticated sensibility. Style, in our eyes, doesn't have to be bold, or attention-craving. It is the subtle touches of carefully made accessories, that just makes you look "put together". This belt was inspired by the urban style, street fashion, and meant to stand out as unique and classy.

* Handcrafted from top quality full grain leather.
* I choose each hide separately, after testing them for faults and thickness. 
* The leather belts are colored by hand.
* Leather is a substance which keeps its properties unchanged for many many years, but it must be looked after with care: it must be kept away from strong heat sources, sheltered from direct sunlight, and protected from water.
* Each belt buckle in the store can be exchanged for a different one, according to your preference. If you desire a different buckle, please add a note when making the order.
* Arrives wrapped in paper with a leather strap.

The belts are perfect for someone that wants, just a bit extra, The belts are made from a naturally tanned cowhide and the whole process was done by hand.also this piece of art has got the oil and waxes treatment that makes him stand the test of time.The buckle is an Ishaor original signed design.


*all the products made by hand.

*we made every product by order

* the wrinkle on the leather change between the product, like DNA it can be the same, this point protects a unique product.

*we work only with leather!

*we made a special buckle from mix metal with covering.

We make a unique color for the leather with secret recipe

*the leather over the process with water and sun just then we start to paint the genius leather with few layers of paint to the perfect color and texture.