Ishaor Custom Black Leather Dog Collar with buckle and texture of crocodile on the end. Personalized Leather Dog Collar with Embossed Name

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  • XXS Length: 7"-8"
  • XS Length: 8"-10"
  • S Length: 9"-12"
  • M Length: 11"-14"
  • L Length: 13"-17
  • XL Length: 16"-24"
  • XXL Length: 22"-30"

Original ISHAOR leather dog collar is more than just a strap, it's a piece of art that made by hand from natural full grain leather that colored by hand with unique traditional process by ISHAOR.

Made from premium full grain leather.Only the tail of the belt is crafted in a reptile kind of look. All the cuts are carefully made by hand with razor sharp knives and after dyed in a brown color. After the dying process, I finished the belt with wax to endure the color of this beautiful piece.
It's an interesting looking belt, that makes the heads turn.It's design came out of an idea I had several years ago and just recently the idea became this exceptional looking handcrafted leather belt.
It can be worn on sleeks or something elegant, it just gives your outfit the X-factor. This absolutely an original Ishaor belt, that will last for many years to come, of course also on this leather belt you have a lifetime guarantee.

Our products are unique and we make every piece by order so you can feel free to ask for customization

Personalized collar - we can add your dog's name to the belt.

Quality - we are working with the best materials-
Full Grain leather
Iron buckle

For every question we are here.

XXS Length: 7"-8"
XS Length: 8"-10"
S Length: 9"-12"
M Length: 11"-14"
L Length: 13"-17"
XL Length: 16"-24"
XXL Length: 22"-30"



Collar size: 

XXS Length: 7"-8", XS Length: 8"-10", S Length: 9"-12", M Length: 11"-14", L Length: 13"-17, XL Length: 16"-24", XXL Length: 22"-30"

  • 10 years guarantee
  • Identical to the originals
  • High-quality materials
  • +300.000 happy customers
  • 100% legal