Leather is the 0ldest solution for mankind to protect themselves from the elements of nature.

The everlasting durability is proven by thousands of years back to human history.

One of the oldest proofs are the Dead Sea Scrolls, where the creation of our world is written on leather. Even today they still exist, after thousands of years of preservation , you can see them in Jerusalem, Israel.

Ishaor leather wants to give you few simple tips how to take care of your leather to pass the test of time:

Keep it out of direct sun light , it might change the colour of the leather.*

*Keep it away from humidity.

*if the leather start to crack, its means its dry, Ishaor recommends to rub it with body lotion or with olive oil.

*if the leather are dirty, you can clean the leather with hand warm water and some dishing soap.

*if the leather product is too tight than you moist it with water and pull the leather, its will give you some stretch

If you have more questions feel free to ask.