The reasons to buy leather product

As a leather artist, I see a lot of products and I feel the fashion as it changes. the leather has been around us all the time.

and it's quality has proved itself many times that the genuine quality has never disappointed and always carries a fine quality, a quality you can get only by using a genuine leather product. The smell, the strength of the leather material and the longtime durability are the main things keeping me glued to this material.

The world has changed and now we have lots of cheap leather substitute and what the people didn’t think of that all those chemical products are the biggest threats to our world.

Using High quality leather

Here are a few reasons why to buy leather.

  • The leather is a sustainable product that keeps you the warmest and protects you to get hurt, you buy it once and it lasts for very long.
  • The other products that are basically made from petroleum, pollute our planet and at the worst it creates wars.
  • There are no better alternatives for leather because of id biodegradable nature –The synthetic alternatives to leather take much longer to biodegrade.

The leather is beautiful and it feels pleasant and its got better over the years, just like wine.

Tips on how to take care of the ISHAOR  leather belts :

The leather is the 0ldest solution for mankind to protect themselves from the elements of nature.

The everlasting durability is proven by thousands of years back to human history.

One of the oldest proofs is the Dead Sea Scrolls, where the creation of our world is written on leather. Even today they still exist, after thousands of years of preservation, you can see them in Jerusalem, Israel.

Ishaor leather wants to give you a few simple tips on how to take care of your leather to pass the test of time:

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight, it might change the color of the leather.
  • Keep it away from humidity.
  • if the leather starts to crack, it means its dry, Ishaor recommends to rub it with body lotion or with olive oil.
  • if the leather is dirty, you can clean the leather with hand warm water and some dishing soap.
  • if the leather product is too tight then you moist it with water and pull the leather, it will give you some stretch.