Light My Fire-bag-Ishaor

Light My Fire

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In ISHAOR we made the bags with unique processes that began in the leather, in Ishaor Designs we made the leather with a secret techniques that take all the natural wrinkles of the leather and emphasize them, in the next step we start to color the leather with few layers of different colours all that together provide to the leather amazing color and unique texture.

All the belts on the bags you can take outside and than you can wear it with jeans, dress and also you have the option to play with the belt on the bag, to change design and colours.

One bag that look different every time.

The bag

* A red and black wash, zippered leather tote bag with a belt and studs and ornamented bronze loop.
* Handcrafted from top quality full grain leather.
* The leather bags are colored by hand with a mix of colors that we make uniquely.
* Leather is a substance which keeps its properties unchanged for many years, but it must be looked after with care: it must be kept away from strong heat sources, sheltered from direct sunlight, and protected from water.
* Arrives wrapped in paper with a leather strap.


* Width: 38 cm/ 14.9606"
* Height: 30 cm/ 12