Leather Tote Bag, Leather Handbag, Leather Shoulder Bag, Blue Hand Bag, Leather Bag, Turquoise Tote, Women's design Bag, Laptop Handbag Bag
Leather Tote Bag, Leather Handbag, Leather Shoulder Bag, Blue Hand Bag, Leather Bag, Turquoise Tote, Women's design Bag, Laptop Handbag Bag

Vintage turquoise leather bag with brown rivet belt

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A blue - turquoise brown leather tote bag, designer women's handbag purse

Leather work is one of the oldest professions of mankind. It is a skill passed on through generations, dating back to ancient times. It has developed throughout the years, maintaining those features of "craftsmanship" which even today with increasing automation are an essential part of the personal sensibility and solid experience of those who carry it on. Handmade leather is very different in its feel and quality. Something about this craft maintains a close kinship with the old world, and yet modern, stylish accessories, unique, fashion-forward belts are the result of this ancient craft.

At Ishaor, I believe in high-quality products, therefore, each item is made exclusively by hand, cut and colored through processes I have developed myself, and not finished until each one feels done. A lot of thought and care go into the work, as it is taken very seriously. Each item is a creation that begins to my imagination and ends when it is something I would use myself. Only then can I offer a lifetime guarantee.

This elegant and unique woman's blue - turquoise leather tote is a truly inspired creation. Its design with leather stud strap and bronze ornamented signet ring element that surrounds the bag and can be taken off and be used as a belt that matches the bag. So you're having bag and belt in 1 item! :)

The bag has a big interior zipped pocket in the middle and small outer pocket for your mobile phone or keys. The inside lining of this bag made from leather also, what makes this bag long-lasting. It's roomy, functional, aesthetic and comfortable with two shoulder straps to carry over your shoulder

A bag to take with you from day to night, looking good whether you're in flip-flops at the beach, or with your newest dress at a work event. Some things just always look stylish. A feminine leather designed tote bag that brings all the compliments.
* A blue - turquoise and brown wash, zippered leather tote bag with a belt and studs and ornamented bronze loop.
* Handcrafted from top quality full grain leather.
* The leather bags are colored by hand with a mix of colors that we make uniquely.
* Leather is a substance which keeps its properties unchanged for many years, but it must be looked after with care: it must be kept away from strong heat sources, sheltered from direct sunlight, and protected from water.
* Arrives wrapped in paper with a leather strap.

* Width: 38 cm
* Height: 38 cm
* Strap width: 2.8cm/1.1'
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