California Sun-leather bag-Ishaor
California Sun-leather bag-Ishaor
California Sun-leather bag-Ishaor

California Sun

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At Ishaor, I believe in high-quality products, therefore, each item is made exclusively by hand, cut and colored through processes I have developed myself, and not finished until each one feels done. A lot of thought and care go into the work, as it is taken very seriously. Each item is a creation that begins to my imagination and ends when it is something I would use myself. Only then can I offer a lifetime guarantee.

The bag

yellow leather handbag with brown wash, unique bag with leather that we make by hand with secret proces that include inside few steps- in the beginning we make the leather wet by hand, after we put the leather in the sun for drying and just than we start to painting the leather, all that provide to the bag speical look and we cant make the same, just one item. the belt that decotated the bag can move out and than you can wear the belt or change it to other color or designs. inside the bag you have to pocket one for phone and one close with zipper.

* Width: 32 cm/12/5'
* Height: 45 cm/ 17.6'
* Strap width: 2.8cm/1.1'