Towards The Sun-bracelet-Ishaor
Towards The Sun-bracelet-Ishaor
Towards The Sun-bracelet-Ishaor

Towards The Sun

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Made out of one piece of leather and cut in 2 strands of leather. A really nice and simple bracelet that you can braid and connect them to one long cuff, that wraps twice around the wrist. Of course, you can wear also only one bracelet at a time.
My experience, I wear them all the time even when taking showers.


* A Yellow leather wrap bracelet with a brass clasp.
* Handcrafted from top quality full grain leather.
* I choose each hide separately, after testing them for faults and thickness. 
* The leather is colored by hand.
* Leather is a substance which keeps its properties unchanged for many many years, but it must be looked after with care: it must be kept away from strong heat sources, sheltered from direct sunlight 
* Arrives in a gift sachet
* Width:each piece 1.5 cm/ 0.6 inches -together worn makes 1.18 inches wide
* Thickness: 2.5 mm/ 0.010 inches

* Length is made to order so please let us know your preferred length.